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M1027-WCCJC MICR Secondary Reference Standard


Clearwave MICR calibration documents are the industry standard used by printers, financial institutions, government departments, reader sorter manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, ink, ribbon and toner manufacturers to calibrate their MICR signal level testers and readers to American, Canadian and European print quality standards.


M1027-WCCJCFR MICR Secondary Reference Standard A MICR on-us symbol printed on the M1027-WCCJC document is assigned a signal strength unit (SSU) value according to the procedure established in ANSI Standard X9.27-1995. The document is fed through the device to be calibrated and the signal level of the equipment adjusted to match the assigned SSU value.

The M1027-WCCJCFR document is printed with 5 on-us symbols of varying amplitude so that verification of the equipment can be accurately measured over a wider SSU range of 50 to 200.


  • guaranteed consistent calibration values of +/- 2.0 SSU
  • M1027-WCCJC SSU range values maintained between 90 and 110
  • user verification of consistent accuracy
  • peak disparity of less than 10.0 SSU
  • certified in compliance with ANSI X9.27-1995 Part 3
  • complies with The Canadian Bankers' Association Standards and Specifications for MICR encoded documents

    Both calibration documents meet current American and Canadian MICR Standards

This tool is designed for use with the Verifier Signal Level and Waveform Analyzers, Qualifier GTX Signal Level and Waveform Analyzer.

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