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The GTX is the next generation in MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Quality Control Workstations. Developed in response to the needs of banks and document printers to address the problems associated with MICR character dimensional quality that has arisen with the proliferation of Digital printing. The GTX delivers user-friendly features such as a graphical display of MICR character diagrams, analysis of stroke width dimensions, and embedded PDF reporting.


The Qualifier GTX utilizes high-speed,straight-through transports that have reader/sorter grade components with technology that can analyze a document in seconds. The GTX identifies all common problems including:Signal level, Line Format and spacing, MICR Line Intrusions, Extraneous Ink, Character dimension and font issues. Individual character representation and user programmable signal alarm levels ensure the highest level of quality analysis. The GTX supports multiple international formats and newer digital print technologies, such as laser. Ease of use is ensured through user-friendly software and single click operations.


  • Report Generation
  • Graphical representation of ANSI character dimensions
  • PDF file formats of analysis screens
  • Save data to disk
  • Embedded email reporting
  • Dimensional waveform analysis
  • Character spacing data table
  • Extraneous ink detection


  • 100 inch/second transport speed
  • ANSI specified read/write head
  • entire 5/8” clear-band
  • Power Supply: 115 VAC, 60 Hz; 220, 240 VAC 50 Hz
  • ANSI specified amplifier

System Requirements

  • PC 486 66 MHZ or better
  • Windows 95 minimum
  • EGA, VGA or better
  • Windows supported printer

These Testers exceed current American and Canadian MICR Standards

Additional tools you may find useful are our M1027-WCC Calibration Document, M1027-WCCFR MICR Multi Element Calibration Document, M1027-34 MICR Position and Dimension Layout Guage and M1027-27/M1027-80 MICR Comparator.

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