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The MICR Verifier family of testers is microprocessor based, used by printers, financial institutions, government departments, ink, toner and ribbon manufacturers to verify the signal level and print quality of MICR encoded checks.


The check to be tested is fed through the transport and the print quality information is processed and displayed on a back lit screen.


  • primary screen provides an immediate summary for easy analysis additional screen displays show
  • low, high and average signal levels (user adjustable)
  • character positions
  • character to character spacing errors
  • character dimension errors
  • character waveforms
  • date and time stamp verification
  • report printouts with the addition of an optional printer
  • handles 8.5" x 14.0" form size

Special Features

The MultiCheck Verifier incorporates all the Verifier features and in addition will analyze three-across check sheets - a valuable feature for check printers.

The MH Verifier incorporates all the Verifier features and in addition will analyze three-up check sheets - another valuable feature for check printers.

The Verifier Plus includes all of Verifier features plus the ability to communicate with your PC using our GT software. In this way additional analysis and evaluation may be performed, including

  • analysis mode selection
  • save and recall waveforms
  • waveform overplot
  • peak disparity functions

These testers meet current American and Canadian MICR Standards.

Additional tools you may find useful are our M1027-WCC Calibration Document, M1027-WCCFR MICR Multi Element Calibration Document, M1027-34 MICR Position and Dimension Layout Guage and M1027-27/M1027-80 MICR Comparator.

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