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The OCR Qualifier is used by printers, financial institutions, government departments, credit card manufacturers, ink, ribbon and toner manufacturers to verify the design and print quality of OCR documents, ensuring correct processing.


The OCR Qualifier consists of the scanner, scanner software, analytical software, interface card, cables and instruction manual.=

The document to be tested is placed in the scanner and the information is processed and displayed on your system monitor.


The OCR Qualifier will measure

  • minimum and maximum print contrast and reflectance
  • character geometry
  • stroke width, and dimensions at any location on the form
  • character spacing
  • print out reports with the addition of a printer allowing you to evaluate background and font designs before they are placed into production.

Minimum system requirements: a 486 processor with 12MB of memory, a 120MB hard disk space, Microsoft Windows 3.1, and a SVGA color monitor.

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