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This MICR training course is for the staff of printing and banking organizations who requiring a thorough understanding of MICR document processing. Maintaining a strict adherence to U.S.A. and Canadian MICR standards is the focus of this course.

Course Outline

This MICR course is structured to accommodate from one to twenty attendees and can be completed in one day. A typical agenda includes an introduction of the following MICR specifications -
  • the MICR clear band location
  • the MICR encoding band location
  • field positions within the clear band area
  • horizontal and vertical character to character spacing
  • character skew and line skew
  • minimum, nominal and maximum character size
  • minimum, nominal and maximum stroke width
  • voids and extraneous ink spots
  • minimum and maximum check width and length
  • optical clear band location
  • convenience amount location
  • signal level requirements
  • explanation of signal level and waveform errors
  • processing problems related to each print quality error are related to waveform and matrix reader sorter recognition characteristics

The correct use of the M1027-34 Position and Dimension Gauge and the M1027-27 and 80 Comparators are explained and faulty documents, each relating to a specific print quality error are also supplied.

Attendees are also encouraged to use their own checks during the testing procedure. If you have testing equipment available we will make use of it but we will also supply additional test devices if you feel it would be to your advantage. A review of the check testing results will end the workshop. A copy of the course manual, the waveform manual and the check samples will be retained by the attendees for their future use.

Group participation and informality works best with this type of course. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss printing problems and techniques with each other. The advantages and disadvantages of new print and recognition technologies will be discussed if appropriate.

Please contact us to book a workshop for your organization.


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