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Two gauge models are available - model M1027-34 is a film overlay with attached backer support and model M1027-34NB is a film overlay only. Both gauges are supplied with a magnifying glass, instruction sheet and wallet. The former is used when it is convenient to insert a single form into the gauge. The latter is useful when measurements must be made over sheets or rolls of uncut forms. Please see our online MICR Gauge Tutorial for a full explanation on how to use this gauge.

Key Benefits

The gauges permit the measurement of:
  • the clear band area and encoding strip areas
  • field positions within the clear band area
  • horizontal and vertical character to character spacing
  • character and line skew
  • overall character size and stroke width
  • voids and extraneous ink spots
  • minimum and maximum form width and length as well as optical clear band and convenience amount read area locations
Additional tools you may find useful are our 082 Optical Character Tester, M127-34 OCR and M1027-34 OCRNB, both very useful in determining the correct position, spacing, dimensions and skew of the MICR printed characters.

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