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Image Qualifier

RDM's Image Qualifier (IQ) is the only check imaging tester that conforms to the latest ANSI X9.7 standards on check background. The IQ is an excellent tool for both financial institutions and check printers when testing the "image readiness" of check.

Financial institutions are experiencing problems with various document design types because of their non-conformance to the image ready standard (ANSI ASC X9.7). The IQ from RDM allows you to easily convey to your corporate clients where specific re-design improvements should be made, helping your customers get a better understanding of the key "image ready" issues.

As a check printer, providing "image ready" documents is one of the crucial factors in the success of your business. Many of your current or potential customers are looking for printers that can supply "Image Ready" documents. The IQ system is a simple cost-effective solution that will allow you to become a "total print solutions provider", increasing the revenue streams from your current customers as well as opening up new opportunities with potential customers.

The IQ will facilitate the image based testing of document design. The system uses a PC, a tabletop scanner, and "dynamic thresholding" techniques to automate "image readiness" testing of check designs. The RDM IQX97 will ensure that your documents will be in compliance with ANSI ASC X9.7 standard on check background.

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