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Optical Print Character Tester


The Clearwave Optical Print Character Tester model 082B has been used for many years by printers, bankers, government institutions, credit card manufacturers and ink, ribbon and toner manufacturers for measuring reflectance, print contrast and the physical dimensions of alpha, numeric or bar code printing.


With the introduction of Item Image Processing, a recognition system that reads the courtesy amount field and other selected areas of negotiable and non-negotiable documents, additional demands on papers, ink and form formats make it essential that correct reflectance and print contrast values be maintained throughout the entire document production/processing system if maximum efficiency and savings are to be achieved.


The major features of this test device are:
  • shipped with visible and neutral filters as standard equipment
  • an optional filter wheel capable of 18 additional filter combinations is also available
  • a calibration disk and optical maintenance materials are included
  • rugged construction maintains precise alignment of optical assembly
  • measures reflected light; a transmittance option is also available
  • a grid, graduated in 0.005" increments, easily measures character dimensions
  • optional micrometer stage
  • optional recorder output assembly
  • optional 1:1 lens assembly

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